FLÏ Edibles

FLÏ premium product line of cannabis edibles including Cocoa-based confectionery products, truffles, and more.

There are a few key challenges when it comes to manufacturing cannabis edibles: consistency, taste, and variety. Our manufacturing process allows us to tackle them all.


You know you’re getting a consistent level of THC in our edibles (the psychoactive chemical that determines marijuana potency and gives you the ‘rush’ or ‘high’ feeling). The team at Palo Verde manufactures the edible product line on a semi-automated basis which not only allows us to scale production volumes and shift product characteristics based on consumer demand; it also ensures THC consistency.


The FLÏ main edible product lines are chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, lollipops, gummies and other innovative chocolate concepts. Gone are the days of tasteless chocolates that seem to just have cannabis added to them, with no thought or concern for the overall desirability of the product. The FLÏ product line focuses on creative chocolates with innovative designs that appeal to consumers.

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