Cannabis Oil

Our high quality, clear, and pure cannabis oil.

High quality, clear and pure cannabis oil.

The oils are used by other infused product manufacturers for infusion into edible products. Bulk oil is a high-quality oil extract with consistent attributes in demand in CO.


Bulk Oil – The Clear
The Clear is a high quality, clear, pure cannabis oil that we produce at our Pueblo facility, Palo Verde. It will be primarily distributed in bulk to licensed processors in Colorado and edibles manufacturers.

Palo Verde’s employment of the short-path distillation technology processes premium quality cannabis oil. The processing method uses ethyl alcohol as a solvent to manufacture extracts, which is less volatile and safer for human consumption, compared to other solvents.

Advantages of the Short-Path Distillation Technology

We selected this extraction technique as it has the capacity to process premium quality cannabis oil extract with the attributes that will be highly sought after in the Colorado market.

Its competencies lie in its ability to:

  • Process up to 50 lbs of trim/shake per day to meet the demands of the Colorado market
  • Produce a final yield of approximately eight percent
  • Provide significantly higher processing capacity as the mechanical separation portion of the process enables pre-extraction of cannabinoids, which in turn increases the overall throughput
  • Customize modifications to fit our specifications
  • Purify the cannabis oil extracts and remove deleterious compounds such as pesticides and residual solvents
  • Separate chlorophyll from the final product and isolate terpenes. (Terpenes could be re-inserted depending on the customer’s preferences)

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