Cannabis-infused products and oil extracts are the highest margin segments of the United States’ marijuana industry.

Innovation in the cannabis-infused world

When it comes to cannabis edibles and oils, the one word you should know about us is innovation. We’re leading the marketplace with creative, innovative products that can’t be found anywhere else.


Using the latest manufacturing techniques, to produce premium cannabis-infused liquid concentrate products.


New cannabis-infused edibles such as chocolates, gummies and more. Come find out what you’ve been missing.

Bulk Oil

The Clear is a high quality, clear, pure cannabis oil that we produce at our Pueblo facility, Palo Verde.

FLÏ™ Edibles

Our premium product line of cannabis edibles including chocolate, truffles, and more.

There are a few key challenges when it comes to manufacturing cannabis edibles: consistency, taste, and variety. Our manufacturing process allows us to tackle them all.

FLÏ™ Concentrate

Our premium product line of liquid concentrate products.

FLÏ liquid concentrate product line will be manufactured through a process of mechanical separation, cold ethanol extraction and short path distillation.

Jimi’s Cannabis Collection

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame says Jimi Hendrix “expanded the range and vocabulary of the electric guitar into areas no musician had ever ventured before.”

What better match for Nutritional High, a company that’s going to expand the horizons of marijuana products?

Cannabis Oil

The oils are used by other infused product manufacturers for infusion into edible products. Bulk oil is a high-quality oil extract with consistent attributes in demand in CO.

More concepts are brewing in our production labs – stay tuned!

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