Palo Verde

We are taking steps to become one of the top manufacturers of cannabis oils and edibles in the State of Colorado – and in the United States. We’re starting with Palo Verde, where our innovative oils extraction takes place.

Colorado extraction facility

The initial focus is the main building where the processing of bulk oil and non-edible concentrate products (vape pens, gelcaps, disposable vapes, shatter, etc.), will take up about 20% of the space (as the total area exceeds 11,000 sf).

We will then install commercial kitchen equipment to produce edible products with a long shelf life. These products will be manufactured on a semi-automatic basis, allowing for production to be shifted to quickly respond to changes in consumer preferences.


We will also install more advanced extraction equipment that will allow to improve extraction yield and improve throughput. We’re currently in the process of reviewing technical specs and sourcing some of the industry-leading technologies, which have the potential to increase the throughput several-fold.

The Pueblo property also has two warehouses – designated for cultivation in the future, which can house state-of-the-art indoor automated hydroponic grows. This would provide Palo Verde with a steady supply of trim and shake of consistent quality and desired attributes.
The second facility is likely to be focused on cultivation of hemp rather than cannabis, which can be used to manufacture high-CBD oils and extracts, which command a significant price premium. The CBD extracts manufactured from hemp on U.S. soil can currently only be used within the state (same as cannabis), except for very limited circumstances. However, as the regulatory framework pertaining to hemp changes, inter-state commerce of hemp-infused products can become a significance on its own.

The Pueblo property also has significant vacant land, which can house greenhouses with square footage more than twice exceeding the space designated for indoor cultivation.

This innovative facility uses a short path distillation technology to purify its cannabis oil extracts and remove harmful compound.

Palo Verde LLC is working under an administrative extension.

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