Calyx Brands, California

Calyx Brands is a leading statewide wholesale distributor, based in Oakland, CA. Calyx represents nearly 30 brands of packaged goods and flower from more than 20 farms and provides medicine for patients in more than 400 dispensaries and delivery services across California.

Calyx is a leading distributor of cannabis products throughout California and is conditionally approved for a Distributor and Transporter Permit issued by the City of Oakland, and also holds a Temporary Medicinal Distributor License and Temporary Recreational Distributor License issued by California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

As a strategic partner, Calyx is a major piece of Nutritional High’s product distribution plan in California. With the highest predicted market capital in the US, California is an integral state for Nutritional High’s expansion success. In the month of April 2018, Calyx announced record sales topping over $1 million in products. Calyx is currently rolling out its California-wide distribution strategy and will look to continue to build on the momentum it has generated so far.

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Pasa Verde Labs, California

We are taking steps to become one of the top manufacturers of cannabis oils and edibles in the State of California – and in the United States.

Pasa Verde in April 2018 and the transaction has closed effective in July 2018. Pasa Verde, a 17,200 square foot property with an additional “Sacramento Property” that’s inclusive of an extra 9,000 square feet of land, was founded in 2017. Currently, Pasa Verde operates a leading cannabis extraction and toll processing facility in Sacramento, California.

Nutritional High intends to commence manufacturing at the facility and continue to expand sales of its flagship FLÏ™ branded product line in the California market. Bringing the manufacturing capability in-house, the Company will be able to achieve higher product sales margins, exercise greater control over quality control and provide the flexibility in adding new product lines.

Pasa Verde has most recently received an extension on its Cannabis Manufacturing License by the California Department of Public Health. Pasa Verde’s application for an Annual Cannabis Manufacturing License is currently under review by the Department and the Company expects it to be accepted in the near future.

This facility will mirror many of the manufacturing and production processes as set out in Palo Verde’s facility (currently fully operational).

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La Pine, Oregon

We are taking steps to become one of the top manufacturers of cannabis oils and edibles in the State of Oregon – and in the United States.

Nutritional High was pleased to announce the acquisition of a 5,000 square foot real estate property in The City of La Pine located in Deschutes County, Oregon. The company intends to extract cannabis oil, and manufacture cannabis infused products. The initial permitting and design was focused on replicating the extraction process in Pueblo, CO, using ethanol-based primary extraction method and short-path distillation to purify the oil.

Currently, Nutritional High has received a Certificate of Occupancy from Deschutes County based on the successful inspection of its extraction facility in Oregon, bringing the company closer to receiving its recreational processing license in Oregon. The facility in Oregon is sufficient to house a robust extraction and infused product manufacturing operation and manufacture more than a dozen of product lines.

Upon fully completing Phase I construction and permitting, the Company will focus on rolling out its FLI products in the State of Oregon. Nutritional High will emulate its Colorado model, starting with bulk oil and cartridges, followed by edible and topical products.

Once the production of concentrate products has commenced, the Company will begin planning and obtaining requisite permits for Phase II (including an updated LUCS), which would be focused on manufacturing cannabis-infused edible products.

This facility will mirror many of the manufacturing and production processes as set out in Palo Verde’s facility (currently fully operational).

Palo Verde, Colorado

We are taking steps to become one of the top manufacturers of cannabis oils and edibles in the State of Colorado – and in the United States.

Located in Colorado (home to a booming cannabis industry), our Pueblo facility and surrounding property is currently fully operational. First and foremost, our Palo Verde extraction facility takes up about 20% of the current property in Pueblo. Filled with industry leading purification and extraction equipment, and knowledgeable extraction experts, we’re ramping up operations to manufacture bulk amounts of FLÏ™ cannabis oil and edibles.

The installation of commercial kitchen equipment within the Palo Verde facility allows us to produce large amounts of consistent edibles products. Commercial kitchen equipment also permits us to develop edibles products on a semi-automated basis with a long shelf life.

In our strategic planning, Palo Verde’s surrounding property can be used for future indoor greenhouse growth projects. The Pueblo property also has two warehouses – designated for cultivation in the future, which can house state-of-the-art indoor automated

hydroponic grows. This would provide Palo Verde with a steady supply of trim and shake of consistent quality and desired attributes.

The decision to launch our flagship FLÏ™ cannabis oils and edibles line in Colorado followed the state’s decision to fully legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana use. Today, Colorado’s cannabis industry is booming, and we’re ready to establish ourselves as a part of the foundation of the country’s current and future cannabis opportunities.

The Pueblo property also has significant vacant land, which can house greenhouses with square footage more than twice exceeding the space designated for indoor cultivation.

This innovative facility uses a short path distillation technology to purify its cannabis oil extracts and remove harmful compounds.

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Neutrisci, Canada

NeutriSci International and Nutritional High recently entered into a binding Memorandum of Understanding. Neutrisci is the innovator and pioneer behind neuenergy®, which are THC and CBD infused sublingual tablets that are manufactured using NeutriSci’s patent pending technology, proprietary ingredients, and formulations.

As a strategic partnership, NeutriSci and Nutritional High will develop products which will be manufactured and distributed by Nutritional High in US states which permit the sale of cannabis infused products. The tablets will combine the benefits of NeutriSci and Nutritional High’s existing technologies and ingredient mixes. The tablets will be quick dissolving and will offer a measured dose of pure THC or CBD oil, combined with the powerful bio-availability & antioxidant properties of pterostilbene. The tablets will be flavored and optimized for efficacy and taste with zero-sugar. Initial manufacturing will be carried out in Nutritional High’s manufacturing facilities in Sacramento, California and

Green Therapeutics LLC facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, with sales and distribution expected to begin in Q3-2018.

As previously announced, NeutriSci has filed a United States provisional patent application relating to compositions comprising pterostilbene and other stilbenoids in formulations which improve the dissolution rate and bioavailability of cannabinoid compounds.

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Green Therapeutics, Nevada

Nutritional High hits the jackpot in Nevada! Recently, both Nutritional High entered into a non-binding letter of intent to acquire a 75% interest in Green Therapeutics. Green Therapeutics is one of the premier innovators and established producer/processors within the cannabis space in the State of Nevada.

Green Therapeutics has a state of the art cultivation and processing facility in the Las Vegas area. They produce and sell cannabis flower and manufactured cannabis products to a number of Nevada dispensaries. In addition to producing and selling cannabis flower, Green Therapeutics manufactures the following products: Dabs, vape pens and cartridges, oral sprays, topical creams, as well as pre-rolls.

Green Therapeutics completed their first harvest and finalized construction of their laboratory in July 2016, and commenced sales of manufactured products in August 2016. Green Therapeutics is led by a professional management team with extensive pharmaceutical experience operating GMP licensed medical and recreational facilities.

In conjunction with the acquisition of the Green Therapeutics company, Nutritional High will also purchase certain lands and premises owned by Meridian Companies, a Nevada

limited liability company, consisting of cultivation facilities and parcels of land for cultivation expansion utilized by Green Therapeutics.

Green Therapeutics’ asset base includes:

– Four Nevada Licenses: 2 cultivation and 2 production facilities in Clark County & North Las Vegas

– 8,000 sq. ft. of licensed and operational cultivation/production facility in Clark County generating approximately $400k/month in recreational sales;

– Licensed 5,400 sq. ft. production laboratory in North Las Vegas with UPLC/MS and GC testing capabilities
Approved cultivation license in North Las Vegas that’s ready to move to a new high-tech greenhouse facility;
9.8 acre parcel of land to allow for expansion of over 500,000 sq. ft. of cultivation space in North Las Vegas.

The final transaction structure will be determined after each party has had the opportunity to receive legal, accounting and tax advice regarding the most appropriate structure for the proposed transaction. Nutritional High and Green Therapeutics are proceeding to expedite due diligence and move to finalize and close the proposed transaction as soon as possible.

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Abba Medix, Canada

Nutritional High and Abba Medix recently announced that they entered into a definitive agreement to manufacture cannabis oil extracts and cannabis-infused products in Canada under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations.

The Joint Venture is structured as a 50/50 partnership and will see Nutritional High and Abba build-out a production facility at Abba’s Pickering facility to house a cannabis oil extraction operation focused on producing the oils and extracts currently permitted under ACMPR.

Nutritional High is working closely with Abba to secure a supplemental license from Health Canada for the production of medical cannabis oils. The Companies are looking forward to completing the facility build-out and servicing the Canadian medical cannabis market with alternative, more convenient and dose-controlled consumption methods. Once the appropriate regulatory frameworks are established, the Joint Venture will seek to service the Canadian recreational market as well.

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Xanthic Biopharma, Canada

Nutritional High and Xanthic announced that they have entered into an agreement to manufacture and distribute Xanthic’s innovative cannabis-infused powdered drinks and other products in Colorado and California.

Nutritional High has built a comprehensive integrated organization in California delivering plant to dispensary continuity. Xanthic will partner with Nutritional High’s California subsidiaries Pasa Verde and Calyx to distribute Xanthic’s patent pending water soluble

cannabis-infused powder products such as its Hydration, Energy, Rescue and Recovery drinks. According to BDS Analytics, the cannabis beverage market grew 23% between January and October 2017 across California, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, and this robust growth trend is expected to persist in the near future.

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J:MEDS, California

Nutritional High International announced their entry into a Letter of Intent to acquire a 51% interest in a California company named J:MEDS. J:MEDS produces high quality cannabis-infused strain specific lozenges and sugar-free mints distributed across California.

Nutritional believes that with its current distribution partner, Calyx, the sales of J:MEDS products can be significantly ramped up across the state of California. Having commenced operations in 2005, J:MEDS is a pioneer of “microdosed” infused products and is one of California’s longest operating and most respected edible companies.

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