Like most in the industry, we were very excited to hear Cory Booker’s announcement surrounding his Marijuana Justice Act legislation. This impending bill could impact federal legalization across the United States. Today, Plexus Media interviewed Jim Frazier (CEO of Nutritional High) to ask his opinion of the recent news story.


What was your initial reaction to Cory Booker’s recent legislation announcement?

I think what we’re seeing here is the potential for tremendous opportunity for those of us currently in the industry. It’s clear that legislators and government officials are starting to take notice of the cannabis industry’s impact. Senators like Booker are taking some steps toward pushing for federal legalization. Not only are policy makers noticing the tax dollar and revenue potential, they’re also noticing the wellness aspect and the ability to potentially assist those in terms of physical and mental health.


Senator Booker’s main focus is eliminating the schedule 1 classification of marijuana – will this affect how public cannabis companies can operate, be traded, and be funded in the US? How would legislation like this impact the cannabis industry?

Well, if you look at a company like Nutritional High, it means that we’ll continue to be able to do the right things… right. There will be a strong opportunity to maximize and rapidly expand within the United States. Our ultimate goal is to be doing business in every state in the US, so federal legalization is a major step toward that happening. We’re always consciously abiding by the laws and legislation set before the company in each state as it is — so federal legalization just makes it slightly easier to enter into the market in other states. Federal legalization and decriminalization is one step closer to our industry being fully realized.


How does this legislation stand up when compared to some policy makers’ public opinions of cannabis? In particular, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions?

As much as the cannabis industry and news media talk about Jeff Sessions, I think we’re all on the same page at the end of the day. To us, Sessions and other similar policy makers are just being conscious and proactive around the illegal activity pertaining to marijuana. As a company, we don’t personally believe that Jeff Sessions is against legalization, he’s just wanting to ensure that everything is regulated properly and that illegal activity is minimized in the best way possible. As most of the public would also agree, we are fully on board with this as a company.  We are definitely in agreement that legalization cannot and should not be rushed. The appropriate measures, studies, and legislation need to be in place to maintain a safe and well-run cannabis industry for consumers, company owners, and state and government officials.


Any closing statements on Cory Booker’s announcement?
We’d just like to commend Senator Booker on being the first one to come forward and put his name on a legalization bill like this. We’ve heard rumblings from a number of policy makers and government officials around federal cannabis legalization for a long time now — but he is really the first to mobilize a bill into action. And to do it so publicly. As time goes on, I think we’re going to see public support and more government officials becoming a part of this discussion on both sides. It’s always easier to join a movement rather than start it. We’re looking forward to seeing how this legislation progresses in the near future.


Wanting to voice your support for this legislation (or legislation like it)? Cory Booker recommends that you call your local Senator’s office and let them know your opinion.