It was February 2014…

It was February 2014 and the state of Colorado had just legalized adult recreational use of marijuana.
Within three days, all edibles in the state were sold out.

The demand was there; the products weren’t – and that’s where we stepped in.

As more states and countries legalize the use of marijuana for recreational and medical use (as a result of the November 2016 American elections, Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota joined the 17 other states that already legalized medical marijuana while California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized recreational marijuana), consumers need to have a wide selection of products and flavours to choose from – and know that the product they choose will taste the same every time, unlike homegrown marijuana products. With approval for legal marijuana at an all-time high, according to Gallup polls, it’s time we invest now.

What have we accomplished so far?

Company formed

April 2014

Closing of seed financing and PSA on Pueblo Property

June 2014

Palo Verde submits license app

July 2014

Palo Verde granted MIPs and OPC licenses

September 2014

Closing of Pueblo Property acquisition

November 2014

Conditional Grant of Illinois License

February 2015

Closing of IPO

March 2015

Listed in US

April 2015

Agreement to License Jimi’s Cannabis Collection. Billy Morrison appointed to the board.

June 2015

Engaged by Canopy Growth Corp. to provide consulting on extraction lines

October 2015

Agreement with Kodiak Capital Corp.

January 2016

Refinancing of Pueblo Property; Jim Frazier joins the Company

February 2016

Listed in Germany; Change in Extraction Technology process

May 2016

Amy Stephenson appointed as CFO; Robert Keeler joins the board

June 2016

Announcement of Germany Strategy; Jim Frazier appointed as CEO

July 2016

Open house for The Clinic Effingham in Illinois; license granted; Launch of Jimi Hendrix related cannabis products

August 2016

Grand opening of Clinic Effingham

September 2016

Closing of Aura Health Acquisition

November 2016

Closing of $5.5m financing, launch of Pueblo Facility

December 2016

Launch of our flagship “FLI” brand

December 2016

Acquisition of second clinic

December 2016

Acquisition of Nevada Licenses

January 2017

Launch of Dab Stick Product

January 2017

Palo Verde achieved 95%+ THC content on extracted oil

May 2017

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