Calyx Brands

Disruptive and scalable distribution model attracting critical mass of major California Brands

Calyx Brands is a leading statewide wholesale distributor, based in Oakland, CA. Calyx represents nearly 30 brands of packaged goods and flower from more than 20 farms and provides medicine for patients in more than 600 dispensaries and delivery services across California.

Calyx is a leading distributor of cannabis products throughout California and is conditionally approved for a Distributor and Transporter Permit issued by the City of Oakland, and also holds a Temporary Medicinal Distributor License and Temporary Recreational Distributor License issued by California Bureau of Cannabis Control.

As a strategic partner, Calyx is a major piece of Nutritional High’s product distribution plan in California. With the highest predicted market capital in the US, California is an integral state for Nutritional High’s expansion success. In the month of April 2018, Calyx announced record sales topping over $1 million in products. Calyx is currently rolling out its California-wide distribution strategy and will look to continue to build on the momentum it has generated so far.

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