Pioneering the oil extracts and edibles market

Using innovative manufacturing techniques, creative product development, and advanced business acquisitions, Nutritional High is changing the cannabis industry.

As medical and recreational cannabis is becoming legalized, the cannabis industry is booming and we want to make our mark on it. But to succeed, we need to stand out and focus in on a specific niche – and that’s the edibles and oil extract market, a high margin, high growth segment.

Why Cannabis? Why Right Now?

Our cannabis-infused edibles and oil extracts are taking cannabis to the next level. With cannabis sales expected to reach over $20 billion by 2020, it’s time for some creative product development – and that’s what you can come to expect from Nutritional High, a leader in cannabis oils and edibles innovation. So what made us launch a company solely focused on developing unique cannabis-infused products?

Nutritional High has been carefully designed to take advantage of the growth in a compliant manner while reaping the benefits of the highest margin segments. Our vision is to position our business to be successful in the long term by responding to regulatory and business challenges in a timely manner without compromising our operations.

Highly Innovative

To succeed in the rapidly growing marijuana space, you need a creative, multi-pronged business approach to not only build a solid stream of revenue but also keep the margins high. Our strategy is to be first to market with innovating products, while also staking our claims through acquisition of real estate, licenses and offering value-added services to licensed operators.

Cannabis & Hemp-Infused Products

We’re developing, acquiring and designing cannabis-infused products and cannabis concentrate products and brands, focused on the U.S. medical and recreational cannabis industries (worth estimated $20-30 million in the oil extracts retail market alone).

Real Estate & Strategic Holdings

You might have heard about some of our recent holdings: We assisted Palo Verde, a private company to obtain licenses to manufacture cannabis-infused products and to cultivate cannabis at the facility owned by Nutritional High. We completed an acquisition in Aura Health Corp., which has an ownership stake in a recently opened marijuana clinic in Las Vegas, NV and Mesa AZ.

Auxiliary Service Provider to Licensed Operators

Recreational marijuana use is legal in Colorado which makes it a perfect state to jump start our operations. We’ve been working with Palo Verde to launch our oils products in Pueblo, Colorado.

High margin, high growth opportunities

Nutritional High International Inc. focuses on the edibles and oil extracts market – high margin, high growth segment. NH shares are available virtually through all major full-service dealers with Canadian markets access. Secure your investment in the cannabis $20 billion market, and growing!

Investor News

Stay tuned for the latest updates from Nutritional High. We keep investors informed of our recent financial and operational activities, media coverage, and more.

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