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To most of America, the Incredibles are a suburban family of superheroes dressed in matching cherry red bodysuits, the stars of an acclaimed animated film about to be sequeled. To “bud tenders” and their customers in Colorado, however, “incredibles” are THC-infused “Gum e’s” and chocolate bars with names like Peanut Budda Buddha and Mile High Mint. And for any company entering the edible marijuana market in that state, they will be the super-tough competition to beat....

Why settle for generic weed when you can smoke Marley Natural? Or Khalifa Kush? With marijuana hitting the mainstream, the market for celebrity-branded bud is growing. Nutritional High, a Toronto-based company, recently obtained the rights to feature the image of rock icon Jimi Hendrix on its “Purple Haze” line of marijuana-infused candies, to launch in Colorado later this year....

According to a report posted online at CNN Money and at Q107’s sister station AM640, a company based out of The BIG SMOKE (pun intended) called Nutritional High is about to introduce edible marijuana products bearing the likeness of Jimi Hendrix bringing “instant brand recognition for their edible pot products....

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