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Like most in the industry, we were very excited to hear Cory Booker’s announcement surrounding his Marijuana Justice Act legislation. This impending bill could impact federal legalization across the United States. Today, Plexus Media interviewed Jim Frazier (CEO of Nutritional High) to ask his opinion of the recent news story.   What was your initial reaction to Cory Booker’s recent legislation announcement? I think what we’re seeing here is the potential for tremendous opportunity for those of us currently in the industry. It’s...

With the release of Fli edibles around the corner, Plexus Media took the time to sit down with CEO of Nutritional High, Jim Frazier to talk about the Fli product line and the future of edibles.   Taste, texture, and development around the edible experience Frazier and Nutritional High take great pride in the fact that he has 20+ years under his belt in the chocolate and food manufacturing industry. His experience lends itself well to the gourmet edibles market that the...

This week, the Plexus Media team had a chance to talk to Jim Frazier regarding a few updates that investors have been asking about on our social media. Mr. Frazier was able to discuss a few different initiatives that have been happening as of late.   Status of Edibles and Infused Products This past week, the Nutritional High team purchased factory-scale manufacturing tools for scaled up edibles productions. Both machines are pictured below (a chocolate enrober and a cooling tunnel). Chocolate molds are...

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